Moly/Lith GreaseMoly/Lith Grease$4.28
Marine GreaseMarine Grease$4.28
Lithium GreaseLithium Grease$4.28
Anti Seize CompoundAnti Seize Compound$4.28
Ultimate OilUltimate Oil$4.28
Synthetic OilSynthetic Oil$4.28
Wood GlueWood Glue$4.28
Threadlocker - Blue MediumThreadlocker - Blue Medium$4.28
Threadlocker - High StrengthThreadlocker - High Strength$4.28
Polyurethane GluePolyurethane Glue$4.28
Contact CementContact Cement$4.28
Silicone RTVSilicone RTV$4.28
White Latex CaulkWhite Latex Caulk$4.28
Household KitHousehold Kit$29.17
Home Repair KitHome Repair Kit$29.17
Camping KitCamping Kit$29.17

Uses of Precision Shot

About our House Kits

Our Precision Shot Kits designed for House applications will save you a lot of time and aggravation. Hopefully your home is aging gracefully, but doesn't it always seem like something around the house needs fixing?

House Application Ideas

Our House Kits can help you..

  • Re-attach loose countertop laminates with our Contact Cement!
  • Lubricate those door hinges with our Ultimate Oil!
  • Re-Caulk and seal those small areas around the sinks and tubs with our Latex Caulking!
  • Insert Wood Glue or Polyurethane Glue into those loose chair and railing joints!
  • Grease those sliding glass door tracks with our Lithium Grease!



About our Automotive Kits

Cars, Trucks, RV's, Motorcycles, and Trailers. Whether you own one car or a fleet of trucks, our automotive kits are great for any size of application, big or small.

Automotive Application Ideas

  • Our Automotive Kits can help you..
  • Oil those hard to reach squeaky door hinges!
  • Grease those hood and trunk latches!
  • How about lubricating that extremely hard to reach sunroof track guide!
  • Geeeez...where do we begin and where do we end for Automotive applications?!



About our Camping Kits

Ah, the great outdoors! How many times have you needed grease, glue, or oil out in the wilderness? Probably a lot, but you were never prepared because you didn't want to pack a bunch of bottles and cans of various materials. With our Precision Shot Camping Kits, you can have an entire liquid toolbox in a small and convenient kit that isn't going to bog you down and waste space.

Camping Application Ideas

Our Camping Kits can help you..

  • Always be ready with a little oil to lubricate that fishing equipment!
  • Use our Ultimate Oil or Lithium Grease for your ATV or hunting equipment!
  • Put a dab of Silicone RTV on that tent hole or tear!
  • Lubricate those guides and rods on the camper or pop-up!



About our Travel Kits

Most everyone loves the good ol' fashioned road trip at least until you need a quick fix! You will find that having a Precision Shot Kit in your glovebox or trunk could save you many a headache. Really all you may need is a roll of Duct Tape and a Precision Shot Kit. You can fix loosened up bolts with our Threadlocker, or grease that sticky hinge or door that won't latch!

Travel Application Ideas

  • Our Travel Kit can help you..
  • Use the Polyurethane Glue to hold that molding from falling off!
  • Re-tack that floppy carpet down with the Polyurethane Glue!
  • Lubricate those screaming wheels on your luggage!
  • Grease that hood latch that you have to pry open all the time!
  • Put a dab of Threadlocker on that bolt that you fear will come loose!



About our Trucking Kits

We need you all on the road to transport all of our necessities from New York to California. Our Trucker Kit has you in mind! With all the miles and weather your trucks see, it is good to be able to make small and quick repairs. Having the Trucker Kit in your tool kit will give you a nice selection of lubricants and adhesives to help you get back on the road quickly and safely.

Trucking Application Ideas

  • Our Trucking Kits can help you..
  • Lubricate hinges on doors, compartments, and hoods.
  • Loosen screws, bolts, and nuts
  • Lubricate the tools you use to work on your truck and trailer



About our RV Kits

Owning a Recreational Vehicle means a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Combine the troubles of owning a house and car, and you have a lot of work to do to keep everything in proper working condition. With our Precision Shot kits designed for Recreational Vehicles, you can save yourself a lot of time.

RV Application Ideas

Our RV Kits can help you..

  • Grease those retractable awning supports and guides with our Lithium Grease!
  • Keep those outside hinges and compartment doors smooth with our Ultimate Oil!
  • Re-Seal those hard to reach spots with our Silicone RTV!
  • Keep those hitch joints and parts moving freely!
  • Use our strong Polyurethane Glue for those broken cabinets or panels!
  • Hold that nut and bolt together with our ThreadLockers!

Precision Shot Recreational Vehicle


About our Gun Maintenance Kits

Precision Shot kits are great for the hobbyist. Our oils, greases, adhesives, and lubricants are delivered from a handy syringe with special tips, which are designed to get into those hard-to-reach places.

Hobby & RC Application Ideas

  • Our Hobby and RC Kits can help you..
  • Glue together small pieces of larger projects
  • Lubricate wheels, chains, and gears
  • Lubricate the tools you use to work on your truck and trailer

Gun Maintenance Precision Shot

About our Motorsport Kits

It seems that we have all needed to make quick repairs out in the middle of nowhere on our ATV or Motorcycle. How about in the middle of Lake Powell on a boat or jet ski! That's where a small piece of mind comes from having a Precision Shot Kit in your tool kit!

Motorsport Application Ideas

Our Motorsport Kits can help you..

  • Use it for a quick adhesive job!
  • Threadlocker comes in real handy on vibrating equipment!
  • How about a little Lithium Grease or Ultimate Oil on that jet ski latch that is giving you fits!
  • Keep that steering linkage free-flowing with a little Marine Grease!
  • Apply the Anti-Seize Compound on those aluminum parts so that they don't seize and make your life miserable and expensive!
  • Always have basic materials on hand for those field Brake repairs!

Precision Shot Motorsports


About our Boating/Marine Kits

It is not a fun experience to be stranded on a body of water, not to mention a LARGE body of water! This is why you need a Boat Kit from Precision Shot in the compartment of your boat or PWC. It's simply a must! The Boat Kit supplies you with a few necessities to help get you out of a jam.

Boating Application Ideas

Our Boating Kits can help you..

  • Threadlocker can help you re-secure a loose bolt or nut and keep it there!
  • The Marine Grease can be used on your steering linkage and can have direct contact to both fresh and salt water!
  • Need a little shot of oil down that throttle cable? Our tips will help you get it where you need it!



About our Hobby and RC Kits

Precision Shot kits are great for the hobbyist. Our oils, greases, adhesives, and lubricants are delivered from a handy syringe with special tips, which are designed to get into those hard-to-reach places.

The Precision Shot Hobby Kit is perfect to tote along in your portable tool box! Couple that with your need for a precision tool and quality materials, and you have the perfect hobbyist's tool. It is an absolute "must have" for anyone playing with RC cars, trucks, airplanes, boats, or helicopters.

Hobby & RC Application Ideas

  • Our Hobby and RC Kits can help you..
  • Glue together small pieces of larger projects
  • Lubricate wheels, chains, and gears
  • Lubricate the tools you use to work on your truck and trailer

RC & Hobby Precision Shot



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100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee
30 Money Back GuaranteeWe stand behind our product 100% and have the highest confidence that you will be completely satisfied with the Precision Shot product. More Info 

What People Are Saying:

Andy Z, Avid RC Hobbyist, Shooting & Camping- Westminster, CO


I use Precision Shot on my AR trigger and bolt carrier group. Also use it on my dirt bike, trailer, street bike, and the glue for just about everything.! The air gun one was just the perfect situation as I kept reading about people using this one guys "Moly Paste", and did not want to order it. Looked in my Precision Shot Kit and walla... perfect. Using the needle to get in the tight spots was the perfect solution as well.!!

Kurt T, Paramedic and Rancher, Beulah

It's a great product to have around the ranch. I've kept several Precision Shot oils and greases inside my ranch truck and tractor for a number of years. Very handy to have in a quick pinch! The lubricants and tips help keep all my pistols and rifles in good order!

Harold S, Retired, Northglenn, CO

Many years ago, I suggested to the Precision Shot folks to put some kits together for their products. I had been using the individual items for a while but thought it would be great to have a case for the toolbox. I got sick of always looking for the one I wanted. They took my advice and put together a very nice sized box which holds five units and a great selection of tips. I have been in the electronics repair world most of my life and find that the precise placement of materials is an absolute must. Now I find myself using them all around the home. Great product and the company listened to my suggestions.

Cal B, UPS Driver, Castle Rock, CO

There is always a need in our house for some type of repair. It seems that something is always either sticking, squeaking, or coming loose! The Precision Shot products give me a quick and easy fix. I love that they are so small and easy to keep in our tool drawer.

The laminate was peeling off of my fooseball table. The Precision Shot Contact Cement made a quick repair to put it back to normal. It would have been a mess to try and fix it any other way!

I also carry the greases and oils in the toolkit on my crotch-rocket (motorcycle.) There is very little room for anything on it and it always seems to need a little bit lubricant on something.

Ray F, Retired, Thornton

Our bathroom and kitchen sinks were a mess and we were getting ready to put our house on the market. The Precision Shot white caulking was a perfect tool for our touch ups. Watching the YouTube video helped a lot and gave us the idea to use the old credit card trick to clean out the old caulk. After the sinks were finished we went around the house and used the wood glue and polyureathane glue to fix some trim and mouldings that were coming loose. The oil is fantastic to use on squeaky door hinges. They were driving my wife nuts and it beats the heck out of spray lubricants. We could put the oil right inside the joint with the small black tip.

I have been using Precision Shot products for about 7 years. It has saved us a lot of money by allowing us to make repairs on our own. I suggest that everyone has several lying around the house. Precision Shot is certainly a "must have!"

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